Devonshire Greens, Munnar

The facilities at Devonshire greens is what sets us apart as the best 4 star resorts in Munnar. This is reflected in every element of the services and amenities available to you. Each amenity, whether it's the cozy coffee shop or the superb dining experience at our restaurant, is meant to provide you with an elegant and captivating experience in the middle of cloud-streaked peaks and lush green valleys.

Fall in Greens

Fall in Greens, Devonshire Greens' multi-cuisine restaurant, caters to the most discerning diner with a delightful selection of traditional and foreign cuisines. The head chef will be on hand to serve any food you desire, and visitors can also participate in a cooking session with the chef to prepare any dish of their choice.

Beans and Leaves

Our coffee shop is for people who enjoy a bite to eat. A distinct ambience: with a modern ambiance that you will fall in love with right away. The coffee shop serves a diverse range of international delicacies. Try your favorite foods, chef special as well as a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Room Dining

You don't want to get out of bed because you're too lazy? Is the luxury so lavish that you can't bear going outside, but you have a specific culinary craving? We have the best dining service among the 4 star resorts in Munnar. We have a crew ready to accommodate to any such demand, whether it's a midnight yearning for your favorite dessert or a breakfast served in the comfort of your own bed. Our room eating service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is only a phone call away.


Our ayurvedic spa treatment focuses on centuries-old natural herbal therapies that help to support, balance, and bring happiness into one's life. The rejuvenating and therapeutic therapies available are tailored to your unique requirements. To activate your mind-body orchestration, your therapist will utilize certain oils, herbs, and aromas intended to offer you with maximum balance and sustenance. All of the treatments are safe, gentle, and enjoyable. Our ayurveda spa in Munnar offers 14 different types of ayurvedic oil treatments that are both calming and invigorating. At our Munnar spa, we have an experienced staff of masseuses and masseurs who will work their magic on you to ease stress and anxiety.


Do you want to stick to your gym schedule even when you're on vacation? At Torrent, you can use the in-house gym, which includes the most up-to-date workout equipment.

Lawn Area

The lawn area of Devonshire Greens resembles an English garden that is taken out of a postcard. Enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones on this lawn.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square our conference hall, which is equipped with cutting-edge conference amenities, is excellent for both formal and informal gatherings, and can accommodate over 80 guests with seating for 60pax.

Travel Assistance

Our in-house travel desk executives are ready to answer any questions you may have about your travel arrangements.