Devonshire Greens, Munnar

There are a host of different activities for every taste for the guests at Devonshire Greens. Everything from village visits to idyllic walks through the countryside, we have you covered.

Romantic Dinner

An evening where visitors may enjoy the night sky while spending time with their loved ones, rekindle their relationship with a candlelight meal, and completely succumb to the sensation of happiness that the evening provides. In this wonderfully romantic location, they can indulge to their hearts' content.

Nature Walk

A stroll around the tranquil countryside, taking in the sights and sounds of the area, may be the ideal method to better appreciate nature's beauty and the simple existence of the countryside. You can socialize with members of the community and go sightseeing.

Village visit

Villages are the best places to learn about a place's essence. The resort is surrounded by a lovely, laid-back village where residents live a simple existence free of the complexities of city life. Wander through the villages. Speak with the residents of the village. Get a sense of the culture. Tell us about your experiences.

Guided trek

Traverse the hillocks' curves and go through the slopes of smoky peaks to be amazed by the Western Ghats' grandeur.

Bird watching

For bird watchers, we provide the chance to spend quality time watching some of the unique kinds of birds that frequent the area where the property is located.


Guests can enjoy the clean countryside air of the adjacent tea estates while cycling along the hotel's leisurely bicycle trails.


The camp fire is an experience not to be missed while visiting Munnar. Brave the night's chill, relax around the crackling fire, and share your trip stories with your fellow travellers.

Ethnic Cooking Classes

This activity gives guests a chance to show off their culinary skills and abilities. Guests are also encouraged to cook alongside the chef and experience their creations. They can also teach the chef about their favourite food and its preparation.

Jeep Safari - Off Road

Off-road the uneven paths with the excitement of the adventure within, towards the vistas of the valley, and have the time of your life. With our specially curated Jeep Safari to uncharted destinations, you'll feel an adrenaline rush like no other.