Earth Day 2022

A Different Kind of LoveDevonshire Greens Resort4 star resorts in Munnar Joining hands-on earth day with Pallivasal Panchayat ( MUNNAR ) to promote responsible tourism.

Waste management in Munnar has always been a concern for the authorities for a long time. Due to the emerging number of visitors to the hill station, the amount of waste generated has been drastically increased which is leading to contamination of the natural ecosystem of Munnar and also causing challenges to the tourism activities of the place.


The Government of Kerala has started a nodal agency named Responsible Tourism Mission to promote the ideologies and responsibilities of responsible tourism. Recently the Munnar Grama Panchayat has started two mobile squads to stop waste dumping in prime tourist locations in Munnar and also started imposing fines to shop vendors and resorts if waste heaps of waste are found near their shops or property. Panchayath collects trash from these roadside shops, organic waste is collected daily, while inorganic waste is collected every 3 days by charging a user fee from shops. Tourists will be no exception from this and will be fined for carelessly throwing garbage on the side of the road.

The pallivasal panchayat authorities have come up with a unique plan to plant tree saplings in prime waste dumping locations in their panchayath to discourage people from carelessly throwing away the waste. This plan has been found successful and the project has been spread to various parts of the panchayat by Clubbing with various resorts and hotels in and around Munnar.


Various reasons are contributing to the present-day problems of Munnar where irresponsible behavior from the tourists as well as the localities are a major cause. Even though most resorts provide waste management facilities in their own space, visitors are not keen on disposing of the waste in the resort itself.

As a responsible tourist and citizen of India, simple solutions can be adopted for solving this issue at the roots itself. Here are some of our suggestions to our beloved visitors,

• Resorts have dedicated facilities to dispose of wastes and trash and use them effectively.

• While you go out of your resort or hotel, carry a disposable carry bag in your vehicle and you can keep your trash in that and dispose of them when you see waste bins.

• Even if you don’t find a waste bin along your route, you can always dispose of it in your resort when you get back.

• For one-day travel tourists, the Munnar Panchayath has already introduced various waste collection points in and around Munnar Town. You can always make use of them throughout your journey.

Remember, nature doesn’t need us for its survival but we need nature for our survival.

As always we did, Devonshire Greens Resort has always been in front when it comes to educating our guests about protecting our sacred land and we do our own bit to preserve our habitat. On this earth day, we are joining hands with the Pallivasal panchayat to promote responsible tourism for a better Munnar in the coming days.

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