Best Family Resort in Munnar

Are you scrambling to find Munnar Resorts for Families for your long-awaited vacation? Munnar is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist destinations on the globe, with undulating hills, misty blankets, lush foliage, and fragrance tea fields providing the perfect backdrop for these resorts. Munnar has a plethora of expensive resorts where you may indulge in utmost luxury while yet being surrounded by nature. They have it all, from top-notch services to high-octane recreational activities. Furthermore, these resorts are known for their unrivaled friendliness, with visitors being greeted with smiling faces. With the right accommodation, a family vacation in Munnar may be enjoyable. To the pure, energizing embrace of nature. Where you can find wonderful serenity and connect with your inner self.  The English county-themed resort of Devonshire Greens, which overlooks a magnificent plantation and is nestled under a thick canopy of green vegetation on a romantic hill slope, is an exquisite balm for world-weary spirits. Here, nature joins forces with the elements to cast an everlasting spell on you. Devonshire Greens Resort in Munnar offers the best family accommodation in Munnar, with nonstop family activities that allow parents to relax while their children have fun.


Resorts in Munnar

There are a lot of luxury resorts in Munnar where you may experience the utmost luxury with a subtle combination of wilderness. They have it all, from top-notch services to high-octane recreational activities. These resorts are also known for their unrivaled friendliness, with visitors being greeted with smiling faces. Devonshire Greens Resort is the ideal place to stay if you wish to enjoy activities like plantation walks and hiking. Also, with so much to offer, these resorts are ideal for families.

Family cottages in Munnar

If you want to spend your vacation in the lap of nature while yet having comfort and luxury, the sophisticated and modest cottages in Munnar are ideal. They will not only make you feel at ease but will also allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the bliss of serenity. The rooms at Devonshire Greens are ideal for families, and a stay at one of them will make your trip to Kerala one to remember.

Family resorts with pool

Devonshire Greens offers a variety of amenities to make your family’s stay more enjoyable. There is a spacious play area for children as well as a facility for indoor activities. Families may go on a hike inside the sprawling property. Guests can enjoy the night sky over the campfire or enjoy the grill. The guests can enjoy the cool misty climate of Munnar and visit the nearby Attukad waterfalls which would bring out the nature lover in each one.

Best place to stay in Munnar for family

The town center of Munnar is commonly referred to as Munnar. The majority of the resorts, however, are spread out over a 20 to the 25-kilometer radius from the town core. Where you should stay in Munnar is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. Some people fantasize about residing in the middle of tea plantations, while others prefer to reside in a treehouse or right in the heart of town. It is something that is personal to the traveler. Devonshire Greens is located just 6 kilometers from Munnar town and provides access to all the popular sightseeing spots in Munnar.

Munnar resorts for family price list

There are various family packages that are available for families looking to visit Munnar for vacation. Depending on the kind of need, there are accommodations that suit every budget. At Devonshire Greens, you can experience top of the line four star luxury at the best prices for your family holiday. Come to experience Devonshire Greens for a family holiday that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations!!

Rooms and Suites @ Devonshire Greens Leisure Hotel

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